Hey there! I’m Krisztián.

I am a data journalist and data enthusiast, working at Átlátszó, a Hungarian investigative online news outlet. I also work at ATLO, a site created by Attila Bátorfy and supported by Átlátszó, the first – and to my best knowledge – the only Hungarian site that is dedicated only to publish data driven projects.

In 2021, I received my Master’s degree from Communication and Media Studies at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. I wrote my Master’s thesis about the current state of visual data journalism in Hungary.

I am most interested in online interactivity, and so, during my work, I always tend to make my current project interactive in a way that is not obtrusive. I enjoy making interactive maps that tell a certain story, preferably in a scrollytelling format.

I mostly work with Flourish.studio to make charts or simple maps, but for bigger projects, I use a variety of sites and softwares: Excel, Tableau or QGIS to clean and organize my data, Mapbox Studio to design maps, Mapbox GL JS to make those maps interactive. I also use Photoshop on a moderate level to make static visualizations and Premiere Pro to make moving visualizations. I am fairly good – but with plenty of room for improvement – in web development as well, having been self-taught of the workings of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. For these, I use Sublime Text. I aim to learn the basic workings of D3.js, although with the availability of free online tools like Flourish, it seems like an overkill to develop your own charts. I am also interested in other programming languages, Python being one of them.

I am fluent in English, but I sometimes have the urge to learn another second language. I’ve already tried French, Spanish and Italian. If I had to choose, I would learn Spanish in the future. For real this time.

I created this page mostly to collect my projects.