Similarly to the 2021 oppositional pre-election, we at Átlátszó created a site to collect the results of previous parliamentary elections and to provide a live feed for the 2022 parliamentary elections, as well. In the beginning of 2022, we started the site with a browser map, where users could look up their voting districts to see who will run there, who they can vote for. Over time, the site was expanded with the results of the previous four parliamentary elections, and other data about the number of voters and the candidates. The site also included another project made by Átlátszó called Mandate calculator, where users could determine the number of mandates of each running party by adjusting the number of votes each party might get.

On the 3rd April, the day of the election, we provided a live feed of the number of voters, and the final results after 9 PM. All data was provided by NVI (National Voting Office). The site also included the results of the referendum, that was held simultaneously with the elections.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 11th February and 3rd April 2022.