For the first year of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary, we wanted to do something big. We decided that a scrollytelling piece would be most suitable for this day. Attila and I had many discussions about which charts to include and in what order, what colors to use, what the text should be. However, the creation of these charts – and the whole project in general – was left for me to do. It is an amalgam of all of my previous knowledge: a custom HTML site with scrollytelling Flourish charts, with an additional map and a sticky opening animation. Although I had worked on an HTML project that included a sticky opening animation, this project had a better implementation of the code. I also looked for more inspiration while making this project, namely the then-current data-driven articles of The New York Times. Just as Hungarian Money, this project also caught the attention of GIJN, as it was included in another weekly top10 best-of list of theirs. The only thing I pity is that I didn’t translate it to English.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 4th March 2021.