This project aims to follow the 2021 Hungarian opposition primary thought interactive maps and charts. Since the Hungarian election system does not have primaries, the opposition organized a primary election among themselves. Their goal is to have only one candidate supported by all oppositional parties in each single-member district who would run against the FIDESZ candidate in the 2022 parliamentary elections. Until the official announcement of the candidates in each district, the maps and charts are based on individual announcements and news articles.

The map itself is a continuation of previous Mapbox GL JS projects. This time, I included filters, based on forum posts on stackoverflow. The map can also be updated remotely, from a Github repository, based on the Mapbox data join tutorial. If this “test run” works well during the primary, similar methods will be taken to create interactive maps for the 2022 elections, as well.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 28th June 2021.