Results page made for the 2021 Hungarian opposition primary elections. It is a continuation of this project, and its biggest feature is the interactive map. The map is built on the same foundation code that I created for the general opposition primary page, with added functions and near-live connection to a Google Spreadsheet that hosted the election data behind the site. As election results rolled in (five districts each announcement, roughly on an hourly basis), I added the data to the corresponding rows, that automatically started updating the Flourish charts. For the map, the updated Google Spreadsheet tab had to be exported and uploaded to Github, that was connected to jsDelivr, sending the updated Github .csv to the map. A bit complicated, based on the fact that there was no API made for the opposition primary, and all data was published on a Facebook page. Hopefully, for the 2022 parliamentary elections, we’ll receive API access, that would update the map a bit more smoothly.

Nevertheless, readers could not see any problems with the way the site was updated, and it was reflected by the amount of people staying on the site simultaneously.

It was a challenging two days of work, but it would have felt weird not to contribute to this event after all preceding work.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 29th September 2021.

UPDATE: with more or less the same method, the second round was also visualised, with similar charts, though we added extra visualisations to show how the received votes changed over time, and some extra maps to show spatial distribution of the votes. The second round was published here on 17th October 2021.