The first project of 2022, a collaboration with Budapest Archives (BFL). This was the second time we worked with BFL. The project was one that we wanted to make regardless of being supported by BFL or anyone: a remake of an older project of the same name. What we did was that we updated the database of the streets included, created a new design and implemented the scrollytelling method. After the initial version, BFL found the project compelling, so they joined the project; they corrected some mistakes in the database and helped finalise the texts of the project. It is really a straightforward project; simple yet awesome. Simple in a sense that we used the Mapbox scrollytelling code for several projects beforehand, and awesome in a sense that it has such a clean design. I should mention that our project is not unique, many countries have created similar visualisations showing the names and gender ratio of their cities’ streets in the past few years. In a sense, though, our project was ahead of the curve: the very first version of it was made in 2015 by some university students of Attila. This is the third version.

The project was showcased at a conference hosted by BFL on 26th January 2022.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 26th January 2022.