Fist cross-border collaboration project. Átlátszó has a Romanian subdivision called Átlátszó Erdély (Transylvania), and they applied for an IJ4EU grant with a project aimed to collect and review the subsidies of the Bethlen Gábor Fund outside Hungary. In this project, I was in charge of the creation of the project’s website, which required making a site in WordPress. It was the first time I had done anything like this, but it was a great way to get familiar with how a WP website can be built. I created a custom “menu” that was a Mapbox GL JS map, and the countries were linked to subpages containing all articles coming from that country. With Attila, we also created our own data-driven article for the site, which was later not published on the site itself, so we published it on ATLO. It was a custom html page with a combination of text and Flourish-based scrollytelling elements, a first of this kind (Parliament 30 was only a Flourish embed with no text breaks in-between).

The Hungarian Money website was also included in a weekly top10 best-of list by GIJN.

Click here to access the full project.

Click here to access the data-driven article.

Published on 26th February 2021.