The – unfortunately – longest running project of ATLO, a COVID19 tracking site, based on the scarce data the Hungarian government shares daily connected to the pandemic in Hungary. The site was started on 13th March 2020. In the summer of 2020 the pandemic seemed to lay low, making it unneeded to update the site daily. With the beginning of the second wave on 31st August 2020, we continued the daily update of the site. Since I joined the team in the summer, I also took part in this process, and with the beginning of 2021, I completely overtook the management of the site, with the supervision of Attila. I gradually automated the Flourish charts, connecting them with a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I had to learn how spreadsheet formulas work in order to make each chart update on input. On its current state, It takes 5 minutes to add the daily data, which then updates more than 50 charts almost immediately. We also gave the site a makeover as everything was crammed into one page, slowing the loading time considerably.

Koronamonitor is considered by many to be a stand-in for a governmental tracking site, as the official page publishes only data without any visual interpretation, making it the least informative tracking site in the region. At the end of 2020, Datajournalism.com included Koronamonitor in their list of the top 10 most important pandemic-related projects in the world.

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Published on 13th March 2020. Updated daily.