Another commission work, this time by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. They approached us to create a piece for the launch of the Hungarian website. Attila had the database for this project, collected by some students from one of his university courses. As before, we wanted to make this a very good user experience, so we decided to go with the scrollytelling method. For maps, I mostly established how to make it move by scrolling, but charts turned out to be a completely different story. We found an article by Sky News, where they used a Flourish story as a basis and tinkered with codes to make it change slides by scrolling. First I tried replicating it following their partial tutorial, but it was not working in all browsers, and used way too much processing power. In the end, I reached out to the creator of the article, who was kind enough to give me a detailed guide, and following that, I was able to make this work like charm. What I learned from this project was that even though you can make something work, there is most definitely an easier way to do it. I also learned a lot about cross-browser compatibility and to test my projects in all popular browsers (and on mobile devices) during and after work.

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Published on 8th September 2020.