The third leg of the sports visualisations. This aimed at visualising the many World Cups of FIFA, with a timed publication for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Final. The base data used for the project was from Github. The aim of the project was to present the full history of this event. The wireframe of the article was copied from the Formula One project.

We faced two challenges while making the project. One was about the data collection for the charts visualising where each goal was shot, and where it ended up in the net (with additional info, such as who shot it, when, and with what body part). For this, we watched every accessible replay compilations of the official FIFA website and on youtube. The location of each shot was the translated into an x-y coordinate system, that we could later insert into a flourish chart template. The data collection for this part of the project took approximately two weeks for two people.

The other challenge was to recreate a historical Hungarian football chart, which follows the movement of the ball in an x-y system. For the recreation of this chart, we used the Qatar World Cup Final match. For an extensive description of this process, read this article.

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Published on 18th December 2022.