A commission work for the Budapest Archives (BFL). After finding our Trianon street names in Hungary project, they wanted to do a similar project with us, focusing on the capital city. For this, they manually collected every Budapest street names from the archives that has to do with Trianon. The visualization process was new compared to the previous projects we had worked on with Attila: this was the first time I was in charge of the design of the site. Surely, Attila had some ideas of his own, but not too drastic to change my original idea of how it should look like. Moreover, the coding method was also new: although I had previously worked on a scrollytelling map, it was not as interactive as how I wanted this to be. For the first time, I had to dig deeper into the inner workings of Mapbox GL JS, and learn how to make a popup on hover, how to reposition the map at the click of a button, add layers manually, and so on. Most of the functions I used on later projects originated from this one, so I believe I learned the most about Mapbox-based scrollytelling maps by making this one without compromising for a lesser version. It was also presented on national television in a short, cultural segment (video above the images).

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 12th November 2020.