A collaboration between ATLO and Budapest Brand. The aim of the project was to map the web of cultural places located in Budapest. There was relatively little time to complete the project, as we were invited to collaborate at the end of the summer and the deadline was In the middle of November. The data collection was made by the team of Budapest Brand: a survey of several aspects (size of venue, location, distance from transport hubs, collaborating people and places, etc) was sent to 10 chosen cultural places deemed to be important hubs in Budapest. From their responses, we could compile a list of half a thousand places, connected to one or more of these hubs. Several articles were also written, which, too, contained locations that we include use in the database. Our was was initially to create an interactive map consisting of the places and their connections to the hubs, and a network graph showing all elements, categorised by genre (such as music, design, art, dance and so on). Later on, we had to do some UI work, too, such as the menu system, and reader panels for the articles.

The map was – as usually is – made in Mapbox GL JS, and the network graph was made in Flourish. I find this project the most challenging thus far (coding-wise), since several design elements had to be implemented (like parallax scrolling between chapters, a custom cursor, a custom menu, animated text and so on). I could still manage, and I think I learned a lot about coding during these few months.

The project also attracted the attention of Nightingale editor-in-chief Jason Forrest.

Click here to access the full project.

Published on 19th November 2021.